Windows 8/8.1 No Audio – “Endpoint is a duplicate” error message. (Part 2/2

So this is part two of a solution that I had to discover on my own after hours and hours of searching for the answer to a problem that had a very obscure solution. [ See Part 1 here. ]

So after the first fix which was repairing the netprofm service in the registry, I was left with no audio.  When attempting to start the Windows Audio service, I got the error very vague message of  “Endpoing is a duplicate.”  So I searched through the services in the registry looking for something in the AudioSrv key that may be causing the problem.  I noticed two keys which were “AudioEndpoingBuilder” and “AudioSrv”.  Everything seemed to be correct except for one thing.

(UPDATE 4/20/2015: For an automatic fix, look below at the bottom of this post for download links and an explanation on my registry exports.  No knowledge of the registry is required.)

For the manual fix and details, read on…

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> AudioEndpointBuilder -> Parameters

Check the ServiceDLL data, on the problem system it was:


It should be:


There didn’t seem to be any problem with the AudioSrv -> Parameters -> ServiceDLL data as it was already set to it’s correct value of :


So if yours is off, I would go ahead and change it.

After a reboot of the system, all sound was back and the services were started with no errors.

I have, as of writing this later, come across these combined problems twice now.  The first time took me hours if not a couple days to finally discover these solutions.  The second time I knew exactly what to check.

Both computers where Dell systems.  One was a laptop, one was a desktop.  Both were lower end consumer grade desktops.  Not sure what models.  I don’t really know what software was in common.  I wish I had taken a log of both systems to compare any similarities.  If you end up finding this useful, try to grab some information so we can attempt to track down what is causing this odd change in these two keys.  I have a feeling it may be something to do with the factory image they use when creating these particular problematic systems.  Possibly a bad driver or update that was pre-installed.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone else as it has me on two occasions so far.  Please feel free to comment.

 UPDATED 4/20/2015: I have been asked to provide further information on how to edit the registry.  My stuff on here is for self-help techies with the assumed knowledge of what I know.  However, for those that may need help in editing the registry, I’m attaching registry exports that you can execute to automatically fix the registry keys mentioned in both of these posts.  I’ve included an export of each of the mentioned keys as well as one combined export.  It honestly won’t hurt anything to run the combined file regardless if you only need on or both fixes, but if you prefer to only fix one of them at a time, go ahead and download the individual keys.  To use the downloaded files, just save the REG file to your PC and then just run it like a normal setup file.  You may want to disable your antivirus.  You may also receive a UAC prompt asking for permissions to make changes to your system, you want to be sure to allow this change.  You will most definitely then receive a message from Registry Editor warning you about changing or deleting values in the registry, click Yes to continue.  You should then relieve a message that the registry key was added successfully.  After applying either of these registry keys you will need to reboot your computer.

Keep in mind, after making these registry changes, you may still have issues that this fix just isn’t the root of.  I can’t provide Much else tech support via these forums, but if you have issues running the registry export, then post on here and I’ll try and help you out a bit more with my fix.


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  1. well I downloaded the combined Reg. file but it would not run saying it was not a registry file format and needed to be in some binary code. My issue is not just the audio/sound service but I also at the same time lost connectivity to my printer and the Outlook is not receiving either so it never finishes opening.
    Control panel also is freezing or not opening Also on a Dell system with windows 8.1

  2. well I made the change to the first item. The second appeared to be correct. I now have connectivity to the printer and Outlook is running again and the control panel is back but I still get an error 1079 message re: sound so I have no sound and no iTunes… 🙁 any suggestions from here?

  3. One last comment. I did finally get the sound back after altering both the windows firewall and the audio service to nt authority\local system. Don’t know why this worked but someone online suggested the firewall might be an issue.

  4. YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for this!!! 🙂 You have no idea how much frustration this issue has been causing me. Your solution was spot on and solved the problem nothing else could solve!!

  5. The link for the downloads just takes me to a new tab nothing downloads. Suggestions? THanks for posting this solution

  6. Thank you very much! You helped very much! I couldn’t find out the problem for a very long time.

  7. I began to be so disappointed…. I had decided that your description should be my last attempt… and…. ;-)) It works !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very, very, very, very… much.

  8. omg! I have fallen in love with you and your (absolutely genius brain) and your Awesome Computer skills, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I was looking for a solution everywhere (google, youtube, yahoo) with NO Results not even HP SUPPORT could help me! I was desperate, having 3 days without music, sound, soundtracks and Videos was Agonizing, and extremely boring, and I finally came to this site, and VIOLA! HEAVENLY SOUND AGAIN!! THANK YOUUU ! ^^ (sorry for grammatical errors English is not my only or first language)

    TIP> please People don’t Follow orders, do this and expect everything to change WITHOUT REBOOTING UR PC LAP ETC , if you want results reboot ur System pleaseeeee (alot of friends skipped this step and were frustrated without results)

    1. Right click the files and choose save link as then run them after downloading.
      Alternatively, copy the text into notepad and save the file to your desktop as “fix.reg” (with quotes otherwise notepad will add a txt extension making it a notepad file). Then double click on the file from your desktop.

  9. Sir you are saying navigate that HKEY_LOCAL…
    how to navigate that, what exactly are you saying…

    1. If you don’t understand how to use the registry (it’s ok, most people don’t), then use my .reg files attached. Be sure to right click on the file links and choose. Save As or Save Link As in order to download them. Clicking the links will open them as text files in your browser. After you have downloaded them, just double click to run them and the correct keys will be imported to your registry automatically overwriting any possible incorrect values.

  10. Thanks a lot, I have been without Audio for 3 months and then I used your combined download and now all is good!

    Quick question, I get a message that mfc110u.dll is missing – do I need to download it? Any reliable site for this download? What is it’s actual use this mfc?


    1. MFCxxxY.dll files are usually related to Visual C++ redistributeables. The XXX (11.0 in your case) refers to the version number. I think 11.0 may be the 2012 version of Visual C++. Take note of any installed on your machine and then remove them. Download the same versions and reinstall them.

  11. Thanks, after struggling for a week this help me alot. Recommends that all you wiseguys try this first before go bezerk with your commends

  12. Hi, Josh. I’ve read your posts Part 1 and Part 2 and I have the same problems with you. And I tried your ways. But, when I double-clicked on regedit.exe or the files .reg that I downloaded from you, it showed: File system error (-1073741819). I’ve been looking for this solution for almost three months. I don’t know what really happen with my laptop. I use Lenovo S210 Windows 8.1. I hope you could help.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Thank you..this worked for me. Was struggling to get my sound back on my little girls Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series 2-1 laptop. A refurbished model from BEst Buy. She & the wife were on my ass on me on why we didn’t get a Mac. Used your Solution 2.Worked like a charm. Saved me the hassle of reinstalling anything.

  14. Thanks so much for your invaluable help, the time you dedicate to helping others fix their computer problems, Josh. I have been trying to fix this for days. I will certainly return here to learn more about computers.

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