Google Drive

Protect Your Google Data From Yourself!

Are you one of the many users who has embraced the Google Cloud?  If so, then you probably have a lot of data out there that is important to keep.  Especially after an accidental deletion.  Did you know that Google offers no built-in restore function for your calendar?  Once you delete an event, it’s gone.  What if some kind of a syncing glitch happens with Outlook and causes your calendar to delete? Or what if you accidentally sync in the wrong direction with a new empty calendar.  oops.  Now what?

Spanning Backup offers a solution.  Integrated, online, incremental and daily backups.  With a very simple setup (just sign in with your Google account and authorize Spanning Backup to access your account), you can enable backups for your Google account.  These backups allow you to restore data from Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Sites from any point (daily) in time–at least since your first backup of course.

You just have to check it out, here is there website:
They offer a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.  After 14-days you can purchase a license, or your account will just be deleted if you decide to not use it after all.  If you decide to purchase, be sure to use my link or coupon code below to receive $5 off the annual price of $40 — only $35 per year — The coupon code continues to apply each year!

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