How to resize virtual disks in CentOS 7 with LVM (without booting to a Live DVD or Recovery)

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I occasionally have had the need to increase disk space available on one of my virtual CentOS 7 servers. Every time I do, I have to search for a good guide on how to do it. There are a million and one ways to do it. Some guides walk through how to expand a virtual disk and then format the extra space on the disk to add as a new physical disk to an existing LVM PV in order to expand an LV. But I do not want to end up with a PV that has 10 different physical disk blocks (i.e. sda2-sda11) because I have increased the disk multiple times.

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Be Safe Online: Use virtual cards through Privacy.com to protect your online purchases

Mask your real debit card with a virtual card.
(Image credit: privacy.com)

TL;DR: Privacy.com offers virtual cards for use when making online purchases to protect your real debit card or bank account information. Sign up now for free (or a paid account for more features) and receive a $5 credit when using this link: https://privacy.com/join/S7DTL

Quite a while back, my bank introduced a new feature included with my credit card account which provided the ability to create virtual cards to be used for online purchases in order to protect my real credit card from being used and compromised. Unfortunately, this service could only be linked with my credit card, but I wanted to be able to do something similar with my debit card or bank account. I did some searching and ultimately was unable to find anything.

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Some settings in Internet Settings GPO are not applied and what are the green/red lines under various settings?

This is something I just ran into recently. When trying to push Internet Settings via GPO, some settings do not seem to be pushed even though other settings are. For example, when trying to push proxy server settings, the checkbox to enable specifying a proxy server gets pushed to clients, but the proxy server address entered in the box does not. So the client ends up with the proxy option enabled, but a blank (or unchanged) server textbox.

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