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OS X Lion on my PC

I’ve done it before, and I’m at it again.  Can’t resist the pretty-ish OS X Lion interface.  Can’t really afford to go out and spend $600+ on a system that is built to run it, so I’ve spent the last week working on this.  I am nearly finished.  I finally have my PC booting and nearly fully running with OS X 10.7.1.  For some reason, the 10.7.4 Combo Update is taking forever to download.  My graphics are halfway working at the moment, but according so some posts should work natively once I get update to at least 10.7.3.  Will post more once I get further.


Finally Completed

I started my Hackintosh project last week (Friday night).  I’ve been working almost nonstop on this project.  I just finally completed doing a complete installation from beginning to end with all the required patches and fixes in between.  Been tweaking and trying to find the best method for the last week.  Now I have full graphics support (Diablo III seems to play OK with High Graphics) with QE/CI enabled (equivalent of Aero in Windows Vista/7), Sound (although no sound in D3 for some reason), and USB & USB3.0.  I also got the system booting straight from the hard drive without the use of the CD.  Time Machine seems to be working alright, though I don’t have enough space to use for it really.  I have been able to succesfully use iTunes & Mac App Store with my iTunes account.  So far, so good.  The only bug I have really is that when I shut down, the computer turns off and back on as if it was rebooting.  Once or twice earlier it shut down properly.  Not sure what to do for that fix.  But oh well.  Was a fun project.  Look forward to playing around with OS X Lion now for development & repair purposes.