Save $5 Annually on Spanning Backup for personal Gmail or Google Apps accounts

Coupon Code: 7KWYXF
This is one of the only coupon codes available on the internet as Spanning Backup only distributes them through their referral program, so all the coupons you might be able to find will be the same as this one.  Once you purchase a subscription with this coupon, you will receive $5 off your annual subscription — EVERY YEAR!

Save $5 every year on your subscription to Spanning Backup.  Use this coupon code: 7KWYXF (Click the code to be taken to the store with the coupon automatically attached).

Spanning Backup works as a 3rd party app on top of Google or Google Apps domains to backup Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Documents/Drive, and for Google Apps accounts also Sites.  As a free Google account user, you can enable and manage backups for your own account.  The cost is the same as for Google Apps users.  The discount is the same.

Google Apps domain managers can enable Spanning Backup for the domain and manage licenses per user.  You have full flexibility over who gets backed up and what gets backed up.  As the domain admin, you can also enable emailed backup reports and are provided with a nice interface that displays the backup status for the last 30 days.  Using the coupon code above will get you $5 off each user license every year.

Spanning backup does not have a limit on backup size.  The backups continue to run for as long as you hold a valid subscription.  Versions of everything are kept forever and never deleted, even long after you have deleted them. Your coupon code above will also continue to apply as long as you hold a valid subscription.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your Google backed up today!

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