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Save $5 Annually on Spanning Backup for personal Gmail or Google Apps accounts

Coupon Code: 7KWYXF
This is one of the only coupon codes available on the internet as Spanning Backup only distributes them through their referral program, so all the coupons you might be able to find will be the same as this one.  Once you purchase a subscription with this coupon, you will receive $5 off your annual subscription — EVERY YEAR!

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Get YNAB 4 for $6 Off

This is one of the only coupon codes out there.  Any others will be for the same deal ($6 off) as this is the only way that coupon codes are distributed for YNAB.  Trust me, I looked.
Use this coupon code to save $6 off the cost of YNAB: LKV894Q (Click the code to be transferred to YNAB and have the discount automatically applied).