Ethernet over Power

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this technology yet, it’s worth getting to know about.  My company is helping a customer setup a wireless configuration that will broadcast from his front porch through the whole house, and onto the back porch.  We have considered running cables and hard wiring the house, but it is an old house and the walls are mostly solid making it difficult to do this.  We want to hardware an access point on either end of the house providing to strong connections from either way.  To do this, we are going to use Ethernet over Power line Adapters (EoP).  These adapters translate a regular CAT5/6 Data connection into frequencies that can be transmitted straight into the outlet into the internal circuitry of the building on one end.  At the other end is another adapter plugged into an outlet somewhere within the building which translates that electrical frequency back into a low voltage CAT5/6 Data signal.  We will attach two of these “receiving” EoP adapters to outlets at either end of the house.  Of course the third “uplink” EoP adapter will be near the router and modem.  Then we should be able to configure a Wireless Access Point (WAP) at each of the “receiving” EoP adapters.  This should ultimately be much cheaper than having to put cables into the house.  And we really hate using Wireless-to-Wireless Access Point connections.  Typically creates too much latency.If you have a need for one of these, check out this Linksys PLEK400 Powerline Adapter Kit available @

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