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My name is Josh.  I am a level two tech support engineer at Forcepoint.  I’ve been doing general IT work since 2004, with each new job bringing both more and different areas of experience.  I began my career in IT at Click Computers, a company started by my cousin, providing computer repair services to mostly residential users around town and occasional small business support.

After nearly 10 years, I became a senior technician working at Friendly Computers, later renamed to Friendly Connections IT after breaking away from the Friendly Computers franchise as a privately owned local shop.  We provided both residential and business services.  This is when I started getting a lot more hands on with real business network environments.

After a few years at Friendly Connections IT, I found a new job working for a MSP (Managed Service Provider) called IT Freedom located in Austin, TX.  I began as a helpdesk technician providing phone, remote, and on-site services to local business end-users.  After two years, I was promoted to an engineer position which allowed me to gain even more experience with higher level networks, Linux based servers, and much more advanced management and configurations of Windows Servers.

One year later, in 2019, I found my next position at my current job as a level two tech support engineer at Forcepoint.  Forcepoint provides hardware and software services to organizations which allow IT to monitor and control data flows, internet activity, and email.  Our products help to secure a business network and prevent events such as data leakage, malware infections, inappropriate use of business networks and more all while continuing to allow employees to perform their normal tasks safely and effectively.

I have decided to write this blog to share my tech knowledge and experiences.  I do not claim to know everything there is to know by any means.  But sometimes I do know something that falls in the gaps of others’ knowledge.  Feel free to leave any comments.  I always appreciate feedback and/or corrections where needed.  Thank you for checking my blog out, and hope you can find something useful.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks very much for posting help with the “audio service not working” and the Control Panel not responding. Your fix with the rededit worked. It also fixed my problem with Windows Live Mail not responding too.

  2. Thank you so much…I updated a co-works computer and poof no audio…you saved me so much time
    The best!

  3. One other question.
    I have two HP Laptops that have intermittent wifi connectivity, 1 came windows 8.1 pre-installed the other I upgraded (WIFI was fine before the upgrade.) Do you know how to correct this…Hp, Qualcomm, Microsoft are ALL passing the buck on this one and I have spent so much time trying to figure it out.

  4. You rock! Sound is back and having poked with that for several hours, yours is the only solution that I found for the ENVY with beats that worked. As you found, both parts were necessary.

    You’ve saved me some time, so thanks!

  5. Your Plex Media Server as a service was a great help – good luck with your Microsoft Certs – well worth the time and effort.

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