Cloud Hosting

I’ve always preferred hosting my own services on my own servers.  At home I have 5 desktop computers running as headless servers, each one with it’s own purpose.  A couple of them even running a few virtual machines.  However, over time I’ve needed more and more servers for either testing purposes or for running live services and I just can’t justify adding more desktops and more heat and power consumption in my home.  I also had to shut my websites down for a few days during a move a little over a year ago, not to mention the times that I have power outages that also result in downtime.

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Beware of fake Google sign-in scam

TL’DR: A link contained in a popular email scam posing as a fake Google sign-in page could result in your account being compromised.  If you become a victim of such a scam, change your passwords.  Use secure passwords as a general security practice.  Enable 2-Factor authentication wherever possible.  Check your Google Activity Dashboard regularly.

The Scam

There is a common scam E-mail going around that ultimately will trick you into providing your email username and password. It will usually come from someone who has already been hijacked, so it will appear to be legitimate, but it may come from a random address as well. The email will usually have a subject like “Document” or “Invoice” and the body will say that they are sending you a document via Google Docs with a link that will take you to the document.  Continue reading

Sorry for the downtime

I am physically moving in less than a week now. Because of the move and my home hosted server, I’ve decided to move my server out to the cloud to provide better reliability. This resulted in being down for a few more days than planned, but I finally got everything back up (mostly). Have to say, the conversion from Windows to Linux hosting has been fairly easy. Thanks for checking in and sorry for the downtime.


How To: Run Plex Media Server as a Windows Service – OLD

I’ve written a new post with a new simpler method for setting up Plex Media Server as a service.  Click here for the updated post.

I recently began using Plex as a media service for my own local media. I like it because it allows you to stream your media anywhere that you can run the Plex app which is support on many different platforms including (but not limited to) Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It also allows you to share your media library with others. All for free. There is a paid version that offers some advanced features, but the free version works swell.

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